Why I Run with Team JDRF

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Driven and passionate, Mark Monahan has been heavily involved with JDRF. Since his daughter, Olivia, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) nearly 10 years ago, Mark has not only become a board member for the organization, but a strong leader and advocate of running in the New Jersey Marathon with Team JDRF every April.

About four years ago, Mark’s wife challenged him to run a half marathon. Around the same time, one of Mark’s clients had a family member who had been recently diagnosed with T1D. Being no stranger to fundraising for JDRF, Mark decided that if he was going to run, he would run with a purpose. That year, he registered with Team JDRF to run the half marathon and garnered colleagues and family members to join him.

Since then, Mark has been able to encourage more people to get involved. He poses the question, “Why not run?” and explains, “Getting involved with Team JDRF not only benefits you and makes you feel good, but also gives an opportunity to benefit others.” He prefaced, “Getting involved doesn’t just mean running either – fundraising, cheering, volunteering and even encouraging a friend to run all make an impact.” Mark has seen the impact that he and his company make by supporting Team JDRF. The research that he helps to fund holds so much promise for Olivia and millions of others living with T1D.

He sees how troubling, frustrating and scary it is to live with or have a loved one living with this disease. Mark says, “Testing blood glucose and giving boluses have become the normal we are accustomed to.” He wants a new normal where blood glucose and boluses aren’t the focus anymore. He wants his daughter to live stress free of T1D.

Mark’s involvement with Team JDRF is truly inspiring. He has taken a cause close to his heart, stepped up to make a difference and encourages others to join him. This April, join Mark at the New Jersey Marathon weekend and run in a 5k, 4-person Relay, Half or Full Marathon! More information about registering can be found here.