Team JDRF runners took No Days Off during June 2-6!


During June 2-6. Team JDRF participants took no days off (even in the scorching heat!) to run 3.65 miles each day for the 365: No Days off for T1D challenge. During the five days, we followed along as they ran each day and we loved seeing the photos of where they were running and with whom.

Some runners ran with siblings and friends other ran with their babies in strollers or dogs in tow- like JDRF CEO Dr. Aaron Kowalski who ran each day with his puppy Janie! They ran along canals, within their neighborhoods or at a nearby park.

One of the highlights was seeing the JDRF Youth Ambassadors ban together to form a team! They set a goal to run 41 miles in recognition of the 41 Youth Ambassadors serving in this years program.

We truly are so grateful to all the Team JDRF runners for getting out each day to run and raise funds for T1D research. THANK YOU!!