Introduction of the Medical Advisory Committee

We are excited to introduce our newly developed Medical Advisory Committee which is composed of key leaders in the clinical community who are active in the education, treatment and research of type 1 diabetes.

The Medical Advisory Committee provides professional advice and guidance to chapter board/staff leadership on outreach strategies, policies, emerging topics, and key needs that are important to the T1D patient population.

After careful consideration and discussion, we are happy to announce the 12 committee members that have accepted this important role and will be led by the Chair, Dr. Harold Starkman.

The Committee members represent different health care systems from various places throughout our territory and have a diverse population of patients they serve, including pediatric and adults with T1D. They hold a variety of roles within their respective diabetes care teams, which we believe make this group a power house of knowledge.

We held our first meeting on June 7, 2021 where the committee members were able to meet one another, learn what their peer’s interests are and brainstorm ways to better educate T1D patients and health care partners in our local territory. We had many hot topics on the table and are already moving forward with some innovative ideas and next steps. We believe this committed group of volunteers will soon be leading the way of T1D education and awareness to all demographics within our local communities.

Be on the lookout for more exciting news to come!