Local Men’s Club Walks to Support JDRF!

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The Four Seasons South Knolls Men’s Club of Jackson, New Jersey is a community organization focused on its members, charity, and community engagement. Thirteen years ago they began walking, donating and raising awareness to support JDRF and the type 1 diabetes (T1D) community.  The daughter of one of the club’s founding members has been living with T1D for many years and struggled with complications. What began as rallying together to support one of their own has turned into an annual event that the entire community looks forward to, and has raised over $50,000!

This year, on May 19, spearheaded by the efforts of the Men’s Club, seventy-five community members came together to walk . With the support of their friends, family and community they raised nearly $2,800!

Steve Beckenstein, board member said “I am very proud of how we support our community in need. One of our flagship charities is JDRF. Many of our members, neighbors and friends are diabetic, and we feel for young people who are similarly challenged. Recently, I was approached by a contractor in our community. I was wearing my JDRF “One Step Closer” shirt. The gentleman said thank you. He mentioned that his child has diabetes and told me about the warm feeling he gets every time he sees people in our community wearing the shirts.”


Thank you to all the club members and the Four Seasons South Knolls community. We are beyond grateful that they have chosen to continue to support JDRF and our T1D community!