TypeOneNation Summit 2023

March 11, 2023, Union, NJ
8:00 am (Eastern Time)

Join us on March 11th at Kean University – North Avenue Academic Building for our biggest, in person, educational and networking event for people living with, or affected by T1D.

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See below for more information on programming.

More information on TypeOneNation Summit

The TypeOneNation Summit is an educational and networking opportunity for all those impacted by type 1 diabetes (T1D). This year the TON Summit will bring our community together to learn from T1D experts, hear about the latest breakthroughs in T1D research, meet vendor exhibitors, connect with others impacted by T1D, and more. We look forward to having you join us!

Youth/Teen Program is back as part of the TON Summit this year.

Schedule of the Day

8am – Check-In Open – Vendor Fair / light breakfast available

8:30am – 9am – Drop kids to Youth/Teen session / Networking opportunity in your breakout session

9am-9:50am – First breakout session

*If you have child/teen in the youth and teen program, please stop by the room and collect them for the keynote speaker.

10am-10:50am – Keynote speaker

*If you have a child/teen in the youth and teen program, please stop by and drop them off.

11am-11:50am – Second breakout Session

*If you have a child/teen in the youth and teen program, please collect your child/teen by 12pm

12pm – 1pm – Vendor Fair / Networking Opportunity *If you are attending our One Walk Celebration, we ask that you head up to the 6th floor around 12:30pm as our celebration will begin at 1pm.

Youth/Teen Programming

We are excited to host a Youth/Teen program as part of our TON Summit this year.

Our Youth program will focus on kindergarten through 7th grade, and our Teen Program will focus on grades 8 through 12. The Youth program will host 50 children living with T1D and their siblings. The Teen Program will host 50 teens living with T1D. The children in the Youth program will be broken into smaller groups and assigned volunteers to lead the activities and support your child(ren) as needed. Children can expect various activities, from physical options to crafts, games, and much more!

Parents, we are focused on offering a safe and secure environment and will need your help with a few things.

  • You must register your child for the Youth/Teen program using one of the following ticket types on www.typeonenationnj.org

*YOUTH TICKET for children grades kindergarten through 7th grade.

* TEEN TICKET for children 8th through 12th grade

  • *Parents are not permitted to leave the TON Summit premises without their child(ren).
  • Please review both the photo release and legal liability waiver
  • Please know that we contact you by text or call if any child needs help with their T1D management.

Youth and Teen Volunteer Opportunities

As with all JDRF events, volunteers are essential to help run and manage them. As of January 1, 2023, all volunteers over 18 working in the Youth/Teen programming at TypeOneNation Summit events must complete a JDRF background check. Volunteers 15-17 years old can work in the Youth programming; and will have a supervisor overseeing them who has had a background check. All background checks take about 15 days and need to be completed by February 15.  All volunteers for the Youth and Teen Program will have a mandatory virtual training meeting on March 2nd at 7pm. Please sign up today.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

This event is volunteer driven, so please consider volunteering. We need your help for set up, check in, ushering, greeting, breakout session liaison, and breakdown! We do have positions that allow you to also attend breakout sessions and the keynote speech.  Please sign up today.  

*NEW THIS YEAR** One Walk Celebration to commence after TypeOneNation Summit on the 6th floor. Please join us between 12:30-2pm, as we celebrate a great One Walk season and prepare for 2023. If you are interested in signing up for One Walk in 2023, we invite you to join us as well. Lunch will be provided.

Breakout Sessions

Session 1: The Art and Science of “Thinking Like a Pancreas” Presenter: Gary Scheiner, MS, CDCES

Audience: Newly diagnosed families and individuals

Managing type-1 diabetes is as simple as matching your insulin to your body’s needs.  What could be easier?  OK, maybe it’s not quite that simple.  Insulin needs are affected by a million and one things.  This session will focus on the “biggies” – food, physical activity, emotions, and hormone changes.  More importantly, we’ll discuss what is realistic to achieve, given the latest tools, techniques, and technologies.


Session 1: Diabetes Support Matters Panel – Tonya McGahey, M.A., BSN, RN, CDCES, Kristi Caporoso, LCSW, Alex Schmidt, MS, RD, CDCES, Angela Verardo, MD

Audience: Seasoned families, individuals, and young adults

Asking others to support you around T1D isn’t easy but it is necessary. Even as mom and dad, you still need support. The people in your life want to be helpful, they might not say the right thing and they might not know the right thing to do to be helpful, so let’s help them learn and have those difficult conversations so you get the support you need.


Session 1: Taking T1D To College Presenters: Diabetes Link – TCNJ along with Atlantic Health

Audience: Parents of high school students

Are you a parent of a high school student with T1D? You do not want to miss this event. Learn how to support your child going to college safely, we will share available resources for successfully managing the challenging transition to independence at college.


Session 1: 21st Century approaches to Longevity Presenter: Dr. Colette Knight

Audience: Seasoned adult individuals and young adults

We hear the medication Ad’s and see the medication benefits for type 2 diabetes but are these medications an option for us as a T1D? We will discuss cardiac health, obesity, and kidney health and how to reduce these co-morbidities. Let’s get intentional about our discussion on longevity.


Session 2: Carb Counting and Beyond Presenter: Gary Scheiner, MS, CDCES

Audience: All audiences

Remember when eating a meal was as simple as, well, just eating?  Now we must quantify the glycemic effect of the meal to dose our insulin properly.  Gary Scheiner, author of The Ultimate Guide to Accurate Carb Counting, discusses the role of carbohydrates (and other nutrients) in daily diabetes management, including how different carbs affect us in different ways.  Basic and advanced techniques in carbohydrate gram counting will be presented, along with practical ways to handle fat & protein.


Session 2: Fundamentals of Exercise with T1D Presenters: Kate Beckwith – Fickas, MD, Alex Schmidt, MS, RD, CDCES, Michelle Tortorelli, RD, CDCES, CNSC

Audience: All audiences

People living with type 1 diabetes can and should experience the benefits of exercise. Physical activity is great for your body and has positive effects on your mind. We will discuss different tips to managing your blood sugar while engaging in exercise. We will review the physiology around our muscles and T1D and why cooldown is so important.


Session 2: Addressing the Beta Cell: Advances and Next Steps Presenter: Jay Tinklepaugh, PhD.

Audience: All audiences

In this session, we will cover why Beta Cell research is important, what targeting means, regeneration and what that means, and survival research efforts that are currently in the JDRF research portfolio. It might sound technical, but it is the key to the future, and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to learn!


Session 2: Complications and Self-Compassion, How do you navigate that? Presenter: Tonya McGahey, M.A., BSN, RN, CDCES

Audience: Newly diagnosed adults / Seasoned adults and young adults

Those with T1D and the people who help take care of them, do not get a break from the demands of managing this disease. How do we conquer some of the “unknowns” and not let specific issues and concerns get in the way of our mental health and mind set? In this session we will talk about many of these topics: scar tissue and insulin absorption issues, trusting your care team and the devices you are using, and fear of both short term and long term complications that can be silent for so long.

We will also talk about goal setting for people who have been living with T1D, is there such thing as homeostasis, and how can it be reached?

Learning and practicing self-compassion is a helpful tool with T1D. We will discuss how to continue caring for yourself when you feel defeated and drained.


Session 2: Surviving the Seesaw ride of T1D Presenter: Colleen Clark – Chuo, RN, MA, CDCES

Audience: Newly diagnosed families

Join other newly diagnosed families to hear techniques on how to manage the ups and downs of caring for a child/teen with diabetes. Learn tools to assist in minimizing fears of both high and low numbers as well as manage sick days. Participants will be able to realize the benefits of sharing duties amongst family/friends and learn how to safely delegate responsibilities to minimize caregiver fatigue.



Kean University - North Avenue Academic Building

1000 Morris Avenue
Union, NJ 07083

Event Contact

Katie Jenkins
646-787-6638 | kjenkins@jdrf.org

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