Shingle Springs Subaru Share the Love Campaign to Benefit JDRF

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2016 Subaru Share the Love Campaign Check Presentation

Since its beginning, JDRF has relied on the altruism and partnership of local families and companies in achieving crucial research objectives. In the past year, the Shingle Springs Subaru dealership has generously contributed time and resources to our organization through the Subaru Share the Love Campaign, a yearly program intended to directly benefit charities throughout the community. This year, they have chosen to continue working with JDRF to fund a future without T1D.

As Executive General Manager Bryant McCarver explains, “Shingle Springs Subaru has been a family owned business for over 30 years and participates in and supports many local causes … straight from our tradition of helping those in need.” From mid-November to early January, each time a customer purchases a car, Subaru donates to one of three charities — two chosen by the national company and one chosen by the individual dealer. In 2016, the McCarver family selected JDRF as their dealership’s recipient in honor of family friends Roger and Dana Baker and their daughter Madeline, who has Type 1 Diabetes. Ultimately, the program raised $33,811 to support JDRF’s mission – one of our largest corporate gifts in 2016. This month, the dealership begins its 2017 campaign and with the community’s support, we can make it even more successful than the last.

Subaru’s funds are directed through JDRF’s Fund a Cure, a program that collects 100% tax-deductible donations and invests them directly in life-changing research. All contributions assist JDRF in developing innovative medical therapies, treatments, and a cure. Dana Baker, the 2018 Fund a Cure Chair, has played an essential role in collaborating with Subaru’s campaign, particularly though her personal connection with the McCarver family. As this year’s Chair, Dana will lead fundraising efforts by sending personal letters to key donors and working with JDRF staff to further publicize and develop the Fund A Cure program.

We offer our sincerest thanks to the McCarver family, Shingle Springs Subaru, Dana, and all of JDRF’s donors. With your help, we can build a future without T1D!



Written by: Lorena Bergstrom