Join the T1D Connections Program

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For those struggling with a new type 1 diabetes diagnosis, support from the T1D community can be instrumental in learning to cope with T1D. JDRF strives to facilitate meaningful connections through the T1D Connections Program, helping to match newly diagnosed families with trained volunteers who possess a unique understanding of the many challenges associated with T1D.  These ‘connectors’ or outreach volunteers offer crucial support, guidance and encouragement to families and adults living with type 1 diabetes.

Outreach Volunteers introduce families to JDRF resources and extensive community networks. Within the first twelve months, they engage newly diagnosed families and adults in a variety of relationship-building activities providing valuable information and opportunities for participation.  They typically begin by making introductory phone calls or visits and then maintain contact through phone calls and email.  Volunteers share invitations to chapter events, identify opportunities to participate in advocacy efforts, or even join in one of our many fundraising campaigns.

The T1D Connections Program is a vital aspect of JDRF’s mission and ultimately fosters an engaged and interconnected community from a diverse range of T1D adults and families. Outreach Volunteers personally relate to the struggles and experiences of recently diagnosed individuals — a perspective that makes them a valuable resource for those in the process of adapting to life with T1D. An early introduction to JDRF provides access to limitless advice and assistance ranging from emotional support to medical guidance.

We are currently seeking volunteers from all 29 counties in our chapter jurisdiction.  Volunteers are asked to make a 1-year commitment, contributing approximately 2-5 hours per month.  If you want to get involved or interested in learning more, please contact Elizabeth Dixon, Outreach Coordinator at (916) 576-1379 / or visit T1D Connections.



Written by: Lorena Bergstrom