Spots Available in Sonoma JDRF Ride and Rider Profile on Mark & Natalia Allen

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We have great news to share!
The JDRF Northern California Inland Chapter has been allocated
10 additional spots for the sold out
JDRF Sonoma Ride to Cure Diabetes this August 2019!

This means you can join Ride Team NorCal and other cycling enthusiasts in the fight against T1D! This opportunity is only available to our JDRF Chapter.

The Sonoma Ride starts in Santa Rosa, snakes through Marin and Sonoma counties before reaching Pacific Highway 1. After capturing some stunning ocean views, Riders will return through the rolling hills and vineyards of Northern California. Riders have the option to ride up to 100 miles.
Route map available here.

This event is far more than just a bike ride – it’s an opportunity to connect with the T1D community, explore beautiful settings, fulfill personal goals, and support groundbreaking T1D research. Over an extended weekend, participants join in a celebration of their accomplishments, establishing new friendships and cycling distances between 25 to 100 miles.

If you are interested in riding the Sonoma JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes please contact Stacy Wear or 916-576-1380 by June 14. Stacy will answer any questions you have
and can assist you in getting registered.

Not sure about what joining Ride or whether you can ride for significant mileage? Here is some encouragement from two new riders – father and daughter duo, Mark and Natalia Allen. This is their first year participating in the JDRF Ride program.  They elected to join this year so they could ride in beautiful Sonoma together and share the memories made along the way, all while helping to find a cure for type 1 diabetes!

Q&A with Mark and Natalia Allen

Why did you join the JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes this year?

(MA) This was really Natalia’s doing.  One thing she really loves is clothes.  She noticed the bike windbreaker at one of the JDRF walks and inquired.  She was told she could get the jacket if she did the JDRF 100 mile ride.  And here we are…going for 100 miles so she can pick up the cool JDRF windbreaker!

What are you looking forward to most about your first ride in Sonoma?

 (MA) Being out in wine country, taking the day to enjoy the outdoors!  As a father, riding with my daughter and taking on this huge challenge together is something I will cherish forever.

(NA) Crossing the finish line with the satisfaction of all the hard work paying off!  Training has been hard for dad, after 30 miles dad is dying of exhaustion thinking how he is going to ride 100 miles.  Meanwhile, I push dad for five more miles!

(MA) The girl is tough as nails and T1D has no chance of slowing her down!

What does it mean to you to be riding in the JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes?

(MA/ NA) The JDRF part is really a bonus to the ride itself.  It means we are supporting a cure and a better life with T1D.  It gives us more than just a 100-mile goal, but a hope that we will cure this disease once and for all!