New Year – New Volunteer Opportunity!

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Are you interested in learning about the latest advancements in type 1 diabetes (T1D) research? Do you wonder how dollars raised are allocated to research projects across the country and the globe?  You can by joining the Research Information Volunteer Program!

As an organization founded and driven by individuals and families personally effected by T1D, JDRF understands that the most effective and powerful means of disseminating, and relating, information is still person-to-person and volunteer-to-volunteer.  The Research Information Volunteer (RIV) program is founded on this basic principle.  The role of RIV’s is to describe JDRF’s research goals, priorities, programs, and progress at a lay level to emphasize JDRF’s impact on type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. RIVs participate in and support many chapter fundraising activities by highlighting how donors’ support enables tremendous JDRF research progress.

RIVs are educated about the state of type 1 diabetes research science, JDRF’s research strategic plan, priorities, challenges, and needs, and JDRF’s progress and successes. They participate in monthly calls, September through May, and periodic Research Town Hall calls as well as have access to JDRF intranet materials, slide presentations and other JDRF communication materials.

“Countless scientists spend their careers focusing their energy and creativity on solving the puzzle that is type 1 diabetes.  A Research Information Volunteer is ideally positioned to have this information not only condensed but presented to her/him in a concise and understandable fashion so it can be passed along to the community. Research will continue to change the lives of people living with T1D and being an RIV is special because it affords firsthand interaction with scientists and researchers, an opportunity that serves as a reminder of what we work to achieve”, Greg Bricca, JDRF Board Member and RIV.

Our volunteers often express several benefits of serving this volunteer role, including:

  • Opportunity to learn about and present current information about JDRF’s research
  • Help donors, volunteers and staff understand the research goals we are working toward
  • Engage and network with potential new donors
  • Occasional media opportunities when deemed appropriate by JDRF staff

To learn more about the program or to sign up, please contact Elizabeth Cejka at or by contacting our office at (916) 920-0790.