One Party Gala Honoree: Earnie Franklin, Chief Operating Officer, VSP Global


JDRF Northern California Inland Chapter is proud to announce the Honoree for the 2020 One Party Gala, Earnie Franklin.  Earnie is a longtime supporter of JDRF, who is being recognized for his dedication and passion to help find a cure for type 1 diabetes (T1D).

The chapter has much to be thankful for when it comes to what Earnie has contributed not only to the local JDRF chapter, but to the entire JDRF organization.  Earnie first became involved with JDRF in 2013 after learning of the T1D diagnosis of a close friend’s daughter.  At that time, he joined the local chapter in Jacksonville Florida as their One Walk Corporate Chair helping to inspire companies throughout the region to participate and help raise funds.

“I am humbled to be recognized as the 2020 One Party Gala Honoree and I share this honor with my colleagues across VSP Global who were instrumental in helping raise funds for this great cause,” said Earnie Franklin, Chief Operating Officer of VSP Global. “As a health –centric company, working to support JDRF was a natural fit for our organization, which is helping raise awareness of the role comprehensive eye exams play in the early detection of signs of diabetes.”

His passion to inspire others in supporting JDRF has continued over the years.  After joining VSP Global in 2018, he soon found himself connected with the local chapter and in a familiar role.  In 2019, Earnie championed a year-long VSP employee-led campaign that helped raise $100,000 at the 25th Annual One Walk in October.  This effort engaged VSP employees across the U.S. to participate in local JDRF walks, and included sponsorships of walks held in New York, Ohio, and Sacramento.

Northern California Inland JDRF Chapter Executive Director, Dawn Angelo, shares, “Earnie has been a true inspiration to our T1D families and it is our chapter’s honor to celebrate him in 2020 and express our gratitude for all that he has done and continues to do.”

Please join us in celebrating Earnie on Saturday, May 9, 2020.  For more information about the One Party Gala, please contact Stacy Wear at