Game Over, T1D! Livestream Fundraiser August 13–22

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JDRF Game2Give, a program that uses video games to raise money and awareness for type 1 diabetes (T1D), will hold a Game Over, T1D! livestream fundraiser on August 13–22. This is our biggest streaming event of the year, and we’re aiming to raise $75,000 or more.

Please join us by doing a charity stream during the 10-day event, or by tuning in to support our community.

Wait, what’s a charity stream?

Remember the old-school telethons, where entertainers appeared on TV and operators took donations over the phone? Charity streams are sort of like that, but more interactive—and a lot more fun! People stream video games and other activities over platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook, while chatting with viewers and raising money in real time.

Check out this video from a recent Game Over, T1D fundraiser to see the impact of charity steaming in action:


What sorts of things will be happening during the Game Over, T1D fundraiser?

We officially announced the August fundraiser today, so our community is just starting to plan their charity streams, but here are a few of the events we know of so far:

As the August dates get closer, we’ll announce additional charity streams here on the blog and on the JDRF Game2Give Twitter and Discord.

I want to participate, but I’m not sure where to start…

You’re in luck! We have lots of tools and resources to help you get started with charity streaming:

  • Sign up for email alerts so we can keep you posted about new developments leading up to the August fundraiser.
  • Set up your campaign on Tiltify, the platform we use to collect donations.
  • Check out our Streaming Resources and Streaming Assets pages for fundraising tips, JDRF and T1D talking points, and assets like fundraising overlays and donation alerts that you can use on your stream.
  • Attend our live tutorials every Wednesday at 3pm ET / noon PT on the JDRF Twitch channel to learn charity stream tips, how to use Tiltify, and more. If you can’t tune in live, we’ll post links to the archived videos on the Resources page each week.
  • RSVP for the August fundraiser so we can support you on social media and add your charity streams to the official schedule.

What if I just want to watch and support the streamers?

Sure, we’d love that! You’ll be able to see who’s fundraising and click through to their channels from the Game Over, T1D page on Tiltify, and we’ll post a schedule before the fundraiser starts so you know where and when to tune in. Also keep an eye out for the #GameOverT1D hashtag on social media, and please help us spread the word!