2016 Resource Guide

Triangle/Eastern NC JDRF Chapter

Outreach Resource Guide for Families & Adults

Mentor Program:  JDRF will introduce you to a family/adult that has been living with T1D and is of similar age that can help answer questions and give you an opportunity to meet others living with T1D. Mentors can also help introduce you to our local T1D community and JDRF events!

 Contact Carlyn Sautter at csautter@jdrf.org for more info on being matched with a mentor.

Outreach Toolkits: information packets for people with T1D at different stages of life.

 School Advisory Toolkit

 Teen Toolkit

 Newly Diagnosed Adult T1D

 Current Adult T1D

 Pregnancy

To receive a toolkit, visit typeonenation.org/resources/newly-diagnosed/t1d-toolkits/

Outreach Events: contact Carlyn Sautter at csautter@jdrf.org for more info, unless otherwise noted.

Monthly Insulin Pump Info Night: contact pumpinformation@gmail.com  or  Pump Night for more information

  • Upcoming Meetings: July 28, August 25, September 22, October 27, November 17, December 15.

Walk Information and Kick Off Lunch For questions or to RSVP, e-mail scunningham@jdrf.org

  • August 2nd from 11:30am-1:00pm, PNC Arena 
  • Learn about the JDRF One Walk, meet local families living with T1D, and hear the latest diabetes research update from Tom Brobson, JDRF National Director, Research Investment Opportunities.

Family Picnic For questions or to RSVP, e-mail csautter@jdrf.org

  • September 18, 2016 at Piney Wood Park in Durham (400 E Woodcroft Pkwy, Durham) 
  • Family fun day filled with games and opportunities to connect with other families living with T1D!


PODS Groups: developed to support specific groups of people with T1D. Please contact POD leader listed below.

 Teen Bowling: Brynn Hoffman (hoffmanbrynn@gmail.com)

 Elementary POD: Dana Bauer (danambauer@gmail.com)

 T1D Homeschool POD: Noel-Beth Sipe and Karen Hensley (Karen@T1DHS.org)

 Adults & Spouses Group: Kimberly Goodson (ginkgoihc@gmail.com)

 Grandparents of T1D POD: Jun Martz (junmartz@me.com)

 Fayetteville POD: Leila Blue (dancing4eva4him@aol.com)

 We are currently seeking leaders for the following groups, please e-mail csautter@jdrf.org if interested: Toddler/Pre-school POD, Young Adolescent POD(ages 6-12), Parents of Teens POD, JDRF Youth Council (ages 13-18), Young Leadership Committee.

Social Media PODS: join/like groups using the link below or searching the group name on Facebook.

 Triangle T1D Resource POD: facebook.com/groups/TriangleT1DResourcePOD (local, closed group)

 Teen T1D Triangle Area/NC: facebook.com/groups/TeenT1D (local, closed group, for teens)

 Triangle Adults with Type 1 Diabetes: facebook.com/groups/TriangleAdultsT1 (local, closed group)

 Parents of Type 1 Teens: facebook.com/groups/228837803846726/ (closed group)

 Proud Parents of Athletes with T1D: facebook.com/groups/686711038053984/ (closed group)

 Triangle/Eastern NC Chapter Facebook Page: facebook.com/JDRFTriangleEasternNC


For more information: (919)847-2630 • csautter@jdrf.orgjdrf.org/triangle Interested in connecting in a way not listed above? Contact us!