December is an exciting time for many reasons, but for those impacted by T1D we also know that this means the end of our insurance plan year.  Below are some helpful hints to get the most of your insurance coverage as the year comes to a close.

  1. Check your deductibles.  If you have met the out of pocket maximum, it is a great time to order supplies and stock up before the deductibles reset in January.
  2. Review your insurance plan for changes– many plans change formularies from year to year. These changes can impact your cost in the new year or change the insulin you are asked to use. Better to know now then at the pharmacy counter.
  3. Call your pharmacy/medical supply company/ durable medical equipment distributor about documentation you might need to renew.  Prescriptions, letters of authorization, medical necessity forms, or medical records may need updating depending on your plan.  Call your supply company and ask if updated documents are needed.  Be sure to ask for a fax number. Reach out to your care-team and let them what you need, don’t forget to give them the fax number, so they know where to send the proper documentation. Better to do it now, before you miss a shipment!
  4. Thinking about changing your tech – this is a great time to get a new device before your insurance deductibles reset.
  5. Finally, if you have lost your insurance during these difficult times, please don’t go without.  Here are a few places to help you find coverage or the access to insulin you need.  What to do if you have lost coverage or access to insulin.