Just like most people, I wake up to a monotonous alarm every morning. However, my alarm has no set time as it goes off anytime my blood sugar goes too high or too low. Upon measuring myself with my Continuous Glucose Monitor, I go to the kitchen and inject myself with insulin, the means for me to eat carbohydrate like granola in the morning. I then wait till the effect of the insulin begins to settle in as I get dressed and ready for school. Once prepared, I head to the kitchen where I quickly eat a poached egg and yogurt with granola and fruit.

After the delicious meal, I head to school where I spend most of my morning learning and taking tests. Unlike the other students however, I have to check my blood glucose levels throughout the day, even during classes. I must do this to make sure my levels do not go too low or high. To help maintain good levels, it is good to exercise and spend time outdoors. Thus, I go to tennis practice for a few hours after school.

Once back home, I go through the same insulin routine that I went through for breakfast and lunch. As tedious as the management of Diabetes Type 1 may be, it is an essential part of my daily routine that helps me lead a healthy and happy life. It actually provides much needed structure and routine that I appreciate in my day to day life.