JDRF Announces Partnership with ERinfo

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JDRF is proud to announce a new partnership with ERinfo, the only medical alert service that provides medical first responders access to your information through a direct connection to FirstNet®, the government’s nationwide broadband network that equips responders to save lives and protect you throughout the US. ERinfo provides anywhere, anytime patient recognition and emergency notification to improve patient outcomes and reduce treatment times.

ERinfo’s patented technology uses facial recognition to match a field image taken by a medical first responder with your emergency information.  As an indication of ERinfo’s deep commitment to the safety of our nation’s first responders, ERinfoPRO for FirstNet® was evaluated for public safety relevancy and went through additional scrutiny to receive the FirstNet Certified™ credential.  After thorough inspection by FirstNet®, ERinfoPRO for FirstNet® demonstrated that it is highly secure with a high degree of data protection.

JDRF and ERinfo are working together to educate the type 1 diabetes (T1D) community on the importance of having a medical alert service and being prepared for emergency situations.  Learn more about ERinfo at ERrinfo.me or sign-up here using the 15% JDRF discount (“JDRF15OFF”).