T1D and the 504 Plan

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If you missed our August T1D support group and meet-up, Cups of Hope, we discussed the 504 plan and school issues. Our amazing guest speaker, Janelle Haas, ADA trained school advocate and T1D mom shared her experience and knowledge in how to create a 504 plan, what to include and how to work with the school to ensure your T1D child’s needs are being taken care of while at school.

Click Here to view Janelle’s presentation that includes such valuable information regarding school and the 504 Plan!

To hear more about 504 Plans from Janelle, you can visit The Sugar Mama’s Podcast, Episode #16, hosted by local T1D mom, Katie Roseborough.


JDRF’s School Advisory Toolkit is full of tips and collaborative methods for school personnel and parents of T1D children to ensure your T1D child receives proper care while as school and has a positive school experience.

Click Here to download a PDF version of the School Advisory Toolkit, or email drivers@jdrf.org if you would like a copy mailed to you.