JDRF #StrongerTogether


During these challenging times, we rely on our hallmark resilience and strengths as a community. The T1D community knows how to face adversity with courage. Our shared hope for a world without T1D brought us together — and will keep us strong.  We are at a critical moment in T1D research. We’re energized by recent breakthroughs in immune therapies and beta cell research — both avenues that together will lead us to cures. Advances in next generation artificial pancreas systems also are moving forward with impressive speed. At JDRF, we do not turn away from challenges. We are forever awed by the generosity of the T1D community, which has remained strong even in the most of difficult times. Now, more than ever, we need your help, to continue our fight for a world without T1D with greater urgency, dedication and commitment. #StrongerTogether