JDRF One Walk Save the Date Postcard Winner – Alex’s T1D Warriors

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It’s time to sign up your walk team for the JDRF One Walk, being held on World Diabetes Day this year – November 14, 2020!  Visit walk.jdrf.org/dallas

Alex’s T1D Warriors is the winning team of the JDRF One Walk Save the Date Postcard contest!  You should be receiving yours in the mail soon!

Alex’s Story

Alex is 15 years old, and he was diagnosed at the age of 13 in the 7th grade. He was playing football and started slowly going into DKA which at the time we thought it was due to the Texas heat and football. Soon after we went to the hospital where we found out our first born had type 1 diabetes. We are going on year 3 this September. The moment we heard that JDRF had a walk to raise awareness and funds for research for this life-changing disease, my husband and I signed up as fast as we could. We have a total of 4 kids, and we needed and wanted to show Alex he was not alone. We are behind him 100%.  Our team started off with just the 6 of us (best team ever) then the next year we added more members and can’t wait to keep going and raising more money for research. The walk is very important to our family. It’s the one day of the year we can all get together with friends and family and support him all day, with positive attitudes, vibes and encouragement till the next walk.