Promise Jersey – Dennis Dumbauld

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The Promise Jersey is presented to a JDRF Rider who does not have T1D but has shown passionate dedication to JDRF over the long haul. He or she is a role model for our community and embodies the type of person who will forever keep Rose’s promise to never stop until there is a cure for T1D.

Dennis Dumbauld is the coach for the North Texas and Oklahoma chapter.  But he is also so much more than that. He’s been connected with JDRF for 25 years to support his daughter Libby, who lives with T1D, and he was one of the first supporters of the Fort Worth chapter.  He’s ridden more than 15 years for JDRF, and always keeps an eye out for rookie riders.  This year, he hung back to ride alongside a first-time T1D rider who was nervous to take on the challenge alone. When he got his new friend safely across the finish line, he waited for the rest of the pack.  Another new rider wiped out in the rain after finishing, and there was Dennis to help him up, get him bandaged and encourage him with lighthearted jokes about ruining a perfectly good jersey.

In addition to riding for Libby, this year Dennis also dedicated his efforts to his brother Larry, whose type 2 diabetes has been a significant challenge as of late. No matter who it’s for, Dennis brings joy, determination and encouragement to his JDRF ride experience.  And just like Rose, he is dedicated to our communal mission of riding toward a cure.

The 2021 JDRF Promise jersey is presented to Dennis Dumbauld.