Floyd’s 99 Barbershops & JDRF August Campaign

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Help Fight T1D, one Haircut at a time! Join Floyd’s in August as they look to raise $350,000 this year in the fight against T1D and reach their target goal of $2 million dollars to commemorate the 10-year partnership! Stop in & donate $5-$10 to JDRF and you’ll get $35 in coupons to spend on hair in September and October.

Floyd’s started as a local JDRF partner in the Denver market and grew to a national partner in 2012. Through their annual value book campaign, Floyd’s has contributed more than $1.75 million to JDRF’s mission since 2012.

Learn more about Floyd’s commitment to JDRF here and find a location near you here.

To make a direct donation to JDRF in support of Floyd’s Campaign, use this link.

Thank you for your tremendous support and we look forward to a successful campaign!