#WhyIRide – Amanda Di Lella, 2019 Sonoma California

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Meet Amanda who is doing her first Ride to Cure Diabetes this year in Sonoma CA!
Number of Rides with JDRF
This is my first Ride!

Who are you Riding for?
I’m riding for everyone affected by type 1 diabetes, including myself!

Looking forward to in 2019 Ride
Aside from the challenge of the Ride, I’m most looking forward to bringing my family along with me. We’ve been involved with JDRF for 13+ years but this is my first Ride! I have no doubt that they’re all going to become new members of the Ride family soon.

Amanda has already done 2 fundraisers, one in NYC and one at Redbar in Miami, FL, her hometown, where she raised an additional $500.