T1D Families Meet & Greet – LI

January 28, 2018, Melville, NY
2:30 pm

We know that hearing "your child has type 1 diabetes" is tough and can be an isolating experience. JDRF wants to connect you with others who have been where you are right now. Connect with “veteran” families who will share how their child adapted to life with T1D and are growing up healthy and productive. Connecting with other people like you, will help you and your family. You are not alone - join JDRF as other families share their T1D journey with much optimism and hope for your family’s future. Please join JDRF for this program designed for families new to the T1D community!


JDRF Chapter Office - LI

532 Broadhollow Road, Suite 118
Melville, NY 11747