2018 Annual Meeting Highlights

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On June 20, 2018, JDRF Omaha-Council Bluffs Chapter held its Annual Meeting which featured a research update, State of the Foundation, and a celebration of the accomplishments of our Chapter.

2017 Research Success & 2018 Research Promise

As We Look to the Future: JDRF Research Strategy

JDRF Advocacy
Use your voice to help secure legislative support for research, influence sound policy making and improve the quality of life for all those affected by T1D—until we find a cure. Let your voice be heard – Become a type 1 diabetes Advocate today at advocacy.jdrf.org.

Local Efforts, World-Wide Impact

  • JDRF One Walk, Omaha-Council Bluffs 2017 welcomed over 5,000 participants & raised $610,000!
  • Nearly 200 people attended JDRF TypeOneNation Summit in November hearing from Diabetes Advocate & Clinical Trial Participant, Alecia Wesner & participating in Breakout Sessions & Kids Camp.
  • 2018 JDRF Promise Gala – Country Side of a Cure raised an amazing $1.4 million!
  • 15 riders raised more than $58,000 & rode a combined 1,500 miles for JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes!
  • Empower1 (teen group) was continues to meet once a month for activities and peer support.
  • The Kids Walk to Cure Diabetes program had 10 schools & organizations raise over $20,000!

Special thanks to retiring Board members for their leadership:
Bob Begley (2012-2018)
Cindy Irvine (2012-2018)
Steve Loftus (2012-2018)
Paul Meyers (2016-2018)
Kendra Ringenberg (2016-2018)

A warm welcome to our newly elected Board members:
Wendi Peterson-Stott, Bearence Management Group
Heather Voegele, Dvorak Law Group, LLC
Jess Zeiss, First National Capital Markets

Congratulations to the newly elected Executive Committee:
Joel Falk, President
Leigh Cheloha, President Elect
Chad Richter, Corporate Development Chair
Gabrielle Mormino, Outreach Chair
Steve Shirmang, Advocacy Team Chair
Scott Mingus, Nominating & Board Development Chair
Kyle Robino, Leadership Giving Chair

Thank you & congratulations to the following members of our volunteer family for their outstanding leadership, support, and dedication to our mission:

Open Hands Award – Travel & Transport
The Open Hands Award is dedicated to our in-kind partner whose gifts of time, talent or product help further our mission. This year’s recipient has donated numerous auction packages to our Gala and over the last three years has generated more than $81,000 for the silent and live auction.


Trailblazer Award – Karla and Scott Cassels and Linda and Steve Phillips
The recipients of this year’s Trailblazer Award have inspired others to do more, to dream bigger, and to think bold. They have blazed a trail for our chapter and set the bar for our event fundraising. They have proven that there is no challenge too great for those who have the will and heart to make it happen.


Community Excellence Award – Diabetes Supply Center of the Midlands
Our Community Excellence Award goes to an organization that is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for those with diabetes by empowering them through education, resources, diabetes technologies, nutrition and support; determining access and costs of supplies and much more. They have partnered with JDRF to further support our T1D community.

Generosity of Spirit Award – Alice & Dale Williamsen

The ultimate expression of generosity is not in giving of what you have, but in giving of who you are. The Generosity of Spirit goes to a couple who has dedicated decades to supporting JDRF. They have volunteered countless hours – from event support to stuffing envelopes for mailings. They lend a hand when ever needed.

Go-Getter Award – Drew Antonio
Some people want it to happen, some wish it to happen, and others make it happen. The recipient of the Go-Getter Award makes it happen. Through his tenacity, energy, and dedication our Young Leadership Committee is at an all-time high for recruitment and his role on our Board and Corporate Development Committee is invaluable.

Cure Champion Award – The Adamson Family
This year’s Cure Champion Award goes to a family that led our Walk efforts knowing the ambitious goals set for the event. They went in front nearly 5,000 people to share their story and inspire others.


Volunteer of the Year – Gabby Mormino

Volunteers are ordinary people who reach out, take a hand, and together make a difference that lasts a lifetime. The Volunteer of the Year award recognizes an outstanding volunteer for their valuable and selfless commitment to JDRF. This year’s award goes to someone who has offered her time to lead and inspire. She is a fierce advocate the T1D community and often an unsung hero for our efforts.


Passing the Gavel

Thank you, Scott Mingus, for your never-ending dedication, hard work and passion for JDRF’s mission and the T1D community. We couldn’t do it with you!

Joel Falk, our Chapter is looking forward to working alongside you as we continue to make tremendous strides in T1D research. Our mission has never been more important. The work we will do in the next year for JDRF provides real promise toward saving lives, and preserving and restoring health to the millions who live with this life-threatening disease.


The Beta Society recognizes those who have included JDRF in their estate plans and are visionary supporters who provide the present, and future, financial energy needed for diabetes research. To become a BETA Member – you simply need to include JDRF in your estate plans and then notify JDRF by completing the BETA Form. There is no minimum commitment required.

Our newest Beta Society Members: Steve (pictured) & Majken Shirmang and Chuck & Tally Mertes