JDRF Ride Experience


Why did you choose to ride for JDRF?

In my 20 years as a type 1 diabetic I have never thought there was anything I could not do because of my T1, but I also never thought riding my bike for hours was something I could do. It was something that never crossed my mind until the day I signed up. I wanted to support JDRF.

What is a JDRF Ride Weekend like?

Arriving to my ride destination in beautiful Lake Tahoe, I was quickly embraced by everyone there for the JDRF Ride as I wore my “First Time Rider” badge proudly around my neck. Each dinner, breakfast, meeting, seminar I attended before the Ride was incredible as I made new friends at each event, each being impacted by type 1 diabetes in some way. The day of the ride came and every few minutes, as I rode around stunning Lake Tahoe, a JDRF rider would shout out in support as they passed or held signs along the side of the road. I crossed the finish line with tears streaming down my face and was quickly embraced by JDRF riders, supporters, and staff.

Will you ride for JDRF again?

I signed up as soon as I could for 2015 Ride because this is simply the best community of people I have ever been a part of and it is a constant support system for all of us impacted by type 1.

Written by Laura Glover

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For questions, please contact Sarah Heath at 503-643-1995 or sheath@jdrf.org