Announcing JDRF My Ride!

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We are excited to introduce a new way to engage with the JDRF Ride: JDRF My Ride! Participating is easier than ever. There is no registration fee or minimum fundraising commitment, and you set your own goals and choose your own mode of participating: ride indoors on a trainer, outdoors on your bike, with friends, or on your own! By participating in JDRF My Ride, you will have the opportunity to join the JDRF Ride community online, engage in fitness challenges, and earn rewards for fundraising. The monthly Miles towards Mission challenges will encourage you to stay active, reach your fitness goals, earn awards, and—more importantly—share your reasons for riding. When you ride with JDRF, you make every mile and every story matter. You also become part of a global community that is banding together and going the distance in the fight against type 1 diabetes.

We will come together (virtually) one weekend this fall to celebrate what makes riding with JDRF so special—the stories, the ceremonies, the jerseys, our top performers, and our collective accomplishments—and we need you. Register today!

If you have questions or want more information about JDRF My Ride, please contact Krista Thomson at 206-708-2237 or