Tune-in to the Hope Gala & Celebrate Ali’s Diaversary!

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The 26th Annual JDRF Hope Gala is different this year. To protect the health of the community, the Hope Gala has gone virtual. We’re bringing the party to your living rooms!

Saturday, May 8, 11am  Bidding opens in our one-of-a-kind online auction! This year’s event includes a Premier Auction and Silent Auction. From family fun to exquisite wine lots … we have something for everyone! Remember to bid high and bid often – each bid helps move JDRF’s mission forward.

Saturday May 15 Tune-in to the virtual Hope Gala to help turn Type One into Type None!

Registration is free, but required. Your registration will enable you to receive early access to our online auction, the chance to purchase raffle tickets, and donate to the all-important Fund A Cure. Register HERE.



Registered or not, you can still make a meaningful impact on the lives of people with T1D by donating to Fund A Cure —a 100% tax deductible gift.

Plus – Make a $1,000+ gift before May 15 and we will recognize you and your reason for giving on our digital Fund A Cure Wall of Hope.

Consider making a gift to Fund A Cure in Honor of Ali Mackin:

Ali Mackin was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) in May 1999. Nearly 22 years later, she is acutely aware of the 24/7 nature of this disease. “Not a minute goes by when I don’t have to think, stress and worry about my diabetes” she says. “It’s always there – a black cloud over your shoulder … It’s exhausting. It’s also a constant reminder of how strong I am. I am strong. I have conquered this.”

Ali’s parents, Larry and Suzanne Mackin, have stood in Ali’s corner throughout her entire life, supporting her, helping her manage her T1D, and fighting for a cure. Her mom, who she says, “has been her rock,” has always tried to help Ali maintain some sense of normalcy. Ali remembers being a teenager who wanted to sleep in – “My mom would come into my room and give me my morning shot in my hip without waking me up.” According to Ali, “My parents have two passions: their business and curing T1D.” The Mackin Family has passionately fought for a cure for over two decades now. They are tireless T1D champions.

For Ali, recognizing that each year that passes while managing T1D is an accomplishment is important. Ali celebrates a “diaversary,” remembering the diagnosis day that changed her life. This week, on May 4th, she hit 22 years with T1D. We asked Ali how she plans to celebrate her diaversary. “Maybe with a new tattoo or a trip! 22 years with this disease is a huge milestone.” Another way to honor Ali’s 2+ decade journey with T1D is by donating to Hope Gala Fund A Cure.

We asked Ali what a cure for T1D would mean to her. “A cure would mean a whole different perspective on life – not having to stress, worry, and focus every second of every day on my T1D. I feel like I could live freely. I was told when I was 14 that I would see a cure in my lifetime. I hope this is true.” Ali and her family of tireless T1D champions fight for this to be true.


Please join The Mackin Family and JDRF in the fight against T1D by donating to Fund A Cure in honor of Ali’s 22nd diaversary.


Fund A Cure is an opportunity to make an impact on the lives of people living with T1D and their loved ones through a 100% tax-deductible donation, which will accelerate life-changing research. Fund A Cure donations will be invested in JDRF’s effective and focused research agenda aimed to progressively remove the impact of T1D from people’s lives until there is a cure.

Make your Fund A Cure gift today.