Get To Know: 2021 JDRF Pacific Northwest Riders Aaron, Aimee, and More!

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The JDRF Ride is an opportunity to expand your cycling muscles while building your T1D community and impact through fundraising and fitness challenges, Group Rides, and Fan Favorite Rides. Read on to meet a few of our JDRF Riders who have stepped up to crush the 2021 JDRF Ride!

Cycling up in Juneau, Alaska, first-time JDRF Rider Aimee McMillan is passionate about creating a future free of T1D for people like her daughter, Juliette. Aimee herself has been living with T1D for over 29 years and is a strong ambassador for our community through her participation in clinical trials, domestic and international advocacy, and now through the JDRF Ride alongside her daughter and husband, Dan. Aimee shared that is “excited to see how many miles her little team can do while carrying on normal life, and what the money raised will do for the T1D community”.

JDRF Veteran Rider Aaron Cook is taking his JDRF Ride into his own hands this year! On August 21, Aaron ventured out on his 11th JDRF Ride on a solo 100-mile ride throughout Portland, Oregon. While this was his first solo JDRF Ride, he certainly was not alone as he cycled the streets or Portland as his first ride as a resident of Oregon and a new father. The following day, Aaron hosted a party where he invited his friends, family, and donors over to his home to celebrate the impact they are making in the future of T1D.

From Bozeman to Boise to Bellevue and beyond, our JDRF Ride Leaders are champions on and off the bike providing training plans, fundraising tips, and support throughout the entire JDRF Ride season. Adam, Bobby, David, Jude, Julie, Karen, Ladd and Steve commit their time, talent, and treasure to JDRF as we cycle towards a world without type 1 diabetes! With nearly 100 riders here in the Pacific Northwest, our Ride Leaders are ready to welcome you and set you up for success in the 2021 JDRF Ride!

Wow, Aaron, Aimee, and our Ride Leaders! Thank you for your commitment to the cause. Ready to make an impact while logging your cycling miles? Join our inspiring JDRF Ride community today at or contact Krista Thomson at to learn more.