JDRF Research Update- You are Invited to Learn About New Discoveries in Islet Cell Regeneration

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Join JDRF and the Diabetes Research Center at the University of Washington virtually on Thursday, September 9th at 7pm PT for an evening of T1D Research.

Dr. Vincenzo Cirulli is a physician scientist who has dedicated his entire career to the study of “cell adhesion molecules,” a special class of proteins that regulate cell-to-cell interactions and communications in virtually all tissues of the body, including pancreatic islets. In his presentation, Dr. Cirulli will report on some of his team’s discoveries on the function of these molecules as biochemical signals that immature pancreatic islet progenitors use to “talk to one another” during development and decide how to move forward, i.e. become insulin-producing cells or glucagon-producing cells. In work supported by the JDRF, his laboratory has recently discovered that the purposeful manipulation of some of these special molecules can trigger the replication and regeneration of adult islet cells, opening new opportunities for the expansion of human islet tissue to be used for transplantation in diabetic patients, and/or to promote their regeneration.

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