Meet the 2022 Nordstrom Beat the Bridge Ambassadors

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Say hello to the 40th Anniversary Nordstrom Beat the Bridge Ambassadors! These two inspiring individuals are dedicating their time to educate the community about type 1 diabetes and the power of the Beat the Bridge event. Hit the pavement to beat diabetes with them on May 14, 2022 by registering today at!

Eli, age 12

Introducing Beat the Bridge Ambassador, Eli! Eli and his family’s lives changed drastically at 13 months old when he was diagnosed with T1D after his parents noticed he was not his usual energetic-self. Eli and his family have participated in the Nordstrom Beat the Bridge for the last 12 years and he describes the event as “such a fun day because people are coming together to raise money for T1D, and also learn about how people with T1D live and what we need… at the end of the day, they learn how import their run really is to many of us.” Eli shared that he can stay positive because his family, friends, and teachers are very supportive of him and he likes to “show everyone that diabetes doesn’t mean I can’t do anything anyone else can do”! The first thing Eli will do when there’s a cure for T1D? “Go out and buy a donut without giving a bolus or worrying about my blood sugar levels!” We would love to buy you that donut when the cure comes, Eli! On any given day, you can find Eli building and flying RC airplanes, playing video games, reading, and playing soccer and golf. Eli is a huge fan of T1D soccer star, Jordan Morris too!

Sophie, age 13

Meet Sophie! Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) at age 8 on Mother’s Day in 2017, she has been adjusting to her new normal with a few more finger pricks and pokes. Participating in the Nordstrom Beat the Bridge with her team “Stepping with Sophie”, Sophie loves meeting other people with T1D. In Sophie’s words, “Beat the Bridge really means a lot knowing that my family, friends, and even strangers are helping support type 1 diabetics, it’s heartwarming to know you have a support system like that”. A cure for T1D would mean the “absolute world” to Sophie and her family. As an ambassador, she’s excited to educate more people about T1D and what living with T1D means. With insulin and her pump by her side, Sophie keeps up her active lifestyle participating as a competitive swimmer, hanging out with her friends, reading, babysitting, and baking

Join the 2022 Beat the Bridge ambassadors, Eli and Sophie at the 40th Anniversary Nordstrom Beat the Bridge on May 14, 2022! Registration is now open at!