Join the 2023 Beat the Bridge Ambassadors at the starting line on May 21! 

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Say hello to the 41st Annual Beat the Bridge Ambassadors! These two inspiring individuals are dedicating their time to educating the community about type 1 diabetes (T1D) and the power of Beat the Bridge! Join these Beat the Bridge champions on May 21, 2023, by registering today at 


Lucy, Age 10

Introducing Beat the Bridge Ambassador, Lucy! Diagnosed with T1D at just 3 years old, Lucy has never let it stop her from her favorite things in life! On any given day, you can find Lucy kicking a soccer ball, swimming, or playing the clarinet. Lucy and her family have found comfort and inspiration from the T1D community. For the last 8 years, Lucy’s family and friends joined “Team Lucy,” to help create a world without T1D. At Beat the Bridge, she has loved meeting other people with T1D and says it helps her know that she isn’t alone.  Lucy takes T1D in stride – “it’s her superpower!” As an ambassador, she’s excited to educate more people about T1D and raise money for a cure.


Ava, Age 14

Meet Beat the Bridge Ambassador, Ava! Ava was diagnosed just before her 6th birthday. Fast forward to the present day and she is thriving, playing with her dogs, running, and swimming. Ava’s excited to be a Beat the Bridge Ambassador and to use her T1D story to help educate others. Beat the Bridge means so much to Ava and her team, Avacado Bears because it brings together the T1D community with a clear goal in sight – turning type one into type none. “A cure for diabetes would mean a great deal to me because I would know that other kids wouldn’t have to go through the extra hardships and challenges that arise in your life because you have T1D.”  


Join the 2023 Beat the Bridge ambassadors, Lucy and Ava at the 41st Annual Beat the Bridge to Beat Diabetes on May 21st, 2023! Registration is now open at!