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Read-Aloud Book for Kids with T1D: “Rosie Becomes a Warrior”

October 6, 2021
4:00 pm

Join JDRF and "Rosie Becomes a Warrior" author Julia Flaherty on Wednesday, October 6th at 4pm PST for a fun read aloud event! "Rosie Becomes a Warrior" is a children's story designed to empower children with type 1 diabetes to live their happiest lives. "Rosie Becomes a Warrior" follows the story of Rosie, a second-grader who loves to draw and eat ice cream, as she navigates her type 1 diabetes diagnosis with her parents. Rosie doesn't understand why her parents are worried about her until she goes to the doctor with her mom one night where the doctor performs a blood glucose test on her, and her blood sugar reading is 500. "If 100 is good on a test, 500 has to be really good, right?!" Rosie thinks. But then her mommy starts to cry. Rosie's never seen her mommy cry before. Now she knows something is wrong. From the doctor's office, readers join Rosie on her journey to the hospital as she navigates the fears, highs and lows, and unknowns of type 1 diabetes with a courageous, proactive, and positive spirit that I hope readers are empowered and strengthened by. Meet Rosie, Penny the Zebra, Dr. H, Emily, and DeeDee's Ice Cream Shop in "Rosie Becomes a Warrior." Be inspired to find your inner warrior with Rosie. Remind yourself and your family that you are capable of everything you set your mind to. Rediscover a positive perspective on the type 1 diabetes experience. This event is open to the entire family!

About the Author

From a young age, Julia Flaherty has aspired to create and tell stories. After pursuing media production in college, she has found many ways to express her creativity in various roles throughout the years, building on her degree by nurturing creative hobbies and learning how to use different technology to bring her stories to life. “Rosie Becomes a Warrior” is an incredibly meaningful passion project for Julia that she hopes to turn into a larger series for children and their families who are managing type 1 diabetes everywhere. Julia hopes that Rosie becomes a friend to any child with type 1 diabetes who reads this book. For parents, she hopes that you see your children with type 1 diabetes in her and remember how strong, resilient, and capable they are. She hopes friends of people with type 1 diabetes or anyone who is interested in learning more about the condition itself that reads this book develops a better understanding of it and learns more about ways they can listen and empathize.

“Rosie Becomes a Warrior” is for anyone who has struggled to connect or feel empowered because of the health adversities they’ve faced in life. A type 1 diabetic herself, Julia hopes you connect with Rosie’s story and walk away from the book feeling more lighthearted and supported than when you started. If this book can help release or relieve any burdens or fears associated with this disease, then it will do exactly what it was set out to do. “Rosie Becomes a Warrior” was designed to empower.

Julia Flaherty is an award-winning digital marketer, writer and editor, type 1 diabetes advocate, and is now a published author and illustrator. Connect with Julia on LinkedIn: 

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