JDRF Official Statement on Final Regulation Eliminating Current System of Drug Rebates in Medicare Part D

No one should suffer or die because they cannot afford insulin – that is unacceptable. JDRF has long advocated for affordable insulin, urging manufacturers, health plans, employers, and policymakers to ensure that people with T1D can obtain the lifesaving medication they need at low and predictable out-of-pocket costs. 

As part of the solution to the high cost of insulin, JDRF has long supported ending the rebate system for both public and commercial insurance programs. Eliminating the current system of drug rebates in Medicare Part D, as the finalized regulation announced by the Department of Health and Human Services on November 20, 2020 will do, is an important step toward that end and will likely help lower the price Medicare beneficiaries pay for insulin. In addition, Medicare beneficiaries can lower their outofpocket costs for insulin with a program announced earlier by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) through which certain participating insurers will offer prescription drug plans for Medicare beneficiaries providing insulin for $35 per month starting in 2021Beneficiaries have until December 7th to enroll for the year beginning January 1st 

Overall, in order to solve the problem of high insulin cost, we need long-term solutions that make this lifesaving drug affordable for all, whether someone has Medicare, another kind of insurance, or no insurance at all. JDRF will continue to urgently advocate for long-term solutions so that everyone who needs it can get insulin at a low and predictable cost.