JDRF Official Statement on the Launch of Walmart’s Low-Cost Insulin Brand

JDRF welcomes Walmart’s announcement regarding their plan to offer lower-cost insulin. Walmart, working directly with Novo Nordisk, will launch ReliOn Novolog in both vials and FlexPens. The vial will retail for $72.88 and the FlexPens for $85.88 which, according to the announcement from Walmart, represents a 58% and 75% discount compared to other insulin products.

For people with type 1 diabetes (T1D), insulin is a lifesaving drug that no one should ever have to ration or go without. No one should die because they can’t afford their insulin. JDRF has long advocated for affordable and predictable out-of-pocket costs of insulin. The rising cost of insulin is a fundamental issue faced by those living with diabetes, and JDRF applauds this new effort.

While today’s announcement is a step toward making insulin affordable for everyone, more needs to be done. JDRF will continue to urgently drive long-term efforts and push for action from manufacturers, health plans, employers, and the government to remove accessibility barriers.