JDRF Statement on Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company Selling Low-Cost Insulin

JDRF welcomes the recent announcement by the Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company (MCCPDC) to launch a pilot program to provide an affordable, low-cost insulin option. The MCCPDC, working directly with Eli Lilly, will launch insulin lispro in both vials and pens for $170 for a 90-day supply. The program is a flat rate that covers up to 8 packs of KwikPens (40 pens) or 12 vials. Those with commercial insurance and those who are uninsured are eligible for the program. People who participate in a government insurance program like Medicare or Medicaid are not eligible for this program.

The rising cost of insulin is a fundamental issue facing those living with diabetes. For people living with type 1 diabetes (T1D), insulin is a lifesaving drug. No one should die because they can’t afford their insulin. JDRF has long advocated for and advanced efforts to make insulin more affordable and lower out-of-pocket costs for people with diabetes.

JDRF recently announced its support of the Civica insulin project that will provide insulin for $30 per vial and $55 for a box of pens. JDRF also successfully advocated for the inclusion of a $35 monthly cap on insulin costs for Medicare enrollees. Today’s announcement marks another important step toward creating more options for people to have access to more affordable insulin—but, more must be done. JDRF will continue to drive long-term changes which eliminate the distorted market that allows for insulin price increases. JDRF will continue to directly engage manufacturers, health plans, employers, and policymakers to remove accessibility barriers and lower the cost of insulin for everyone, regardless of insurance status.