JDRF Urges Congress to Address the Insulin Affordability Crisis

Insulin affordability remains a crisis for the T1D community.  Recent progress, like the $35 monthly cap for those on Medicare included in the Inflation Reduction Act, are steps in the right direction, but more must be done so those with commercial insurance, the uninsured, and every American who depends on insulin to survive has access to this life-saving medication at an affordable, predictable cost. JDRF continues to work with all stakeholders in this multi-faceted space to solve the crisis, including the pursuit of new solutions, like our partnership with the Civica Insulin Project, which will manufacture and sell insulin for $30 per vial or $55 for a set of five pens regardless of insurance status starting in 2024.

We anticipate President Biden will highlight insulin affordability during tonight’s State of the Union address. We call on Congress to work together with urgency to solve this crisis which many Americans confront on a daily basis.