Novo Nordisk to offer free 90-day insulin supply to those who have lost health insurance

JDRF welcomes Novo Nordisk’s decision to offer a free 90-day insulin supply to people who have lost health insurance coverage due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For people with type 1 diabetes (T1D), insulin is a life-saving drug that no one should ever have to ration or go without. The economic repercussions of COVID-19 have put the health of too many people at risk, making insulin access and affordability more important than ever. No one should die because they cannot afford insulin.

JDRF has long advocated for affordable and predictable out-of-pocket costs of insulin and is encouraged by Novo Nordisk’s actions during such a challenging time. We are urging all insulin manufacturers to take immediate steps to bring down the out-of-pocket costs of insulin.

We will also continue to urge insulin manufacturers, health plans, employers, and policymakers to create long-term solutions that make out-of-pocket insulin costs low and predictable beyond this crisis so that people with T1D have the insulin they need to stay as healthy as possible while we work urgently to develop cures.

The health and safety of the T1D community is paramount to JDRF. For information and resources on how to manage T1D during the COVID-19 pandemic, visit JDRF also provides information and resources at to help people access and pay for insulin and other therapies for T1D management.