Team Ella’s Crew goes Solar for JDRF

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Team Ella

Every year, families and companies explore new creative ways to raise funds for JDRF. Amelia Barrett and her daughter Ella are no exception! Last September 12th, Amelia Barrett had a consultation with SolarCity to switch her home to solar with no upfront cost. Instead of paying her local utility for electricity, she now pays for the solar electricity the panels produce each month and in doing so makes a loan payment on her system. As it turns out, the following day was the JDRF One Walk, wherein her daughter Ella and Amelia were working to raise money for team Ella’s Crew.

Taking advantage of SolarCity’s SunRaising program, Amelia created an ambassador account for Ella’s Crew and made her solar project their first referral. For each house referred through this program, SolarCity makes a $200 donation to Ella’s Crew. There are 3 tiers of referral awards: $200, $100 and $50. Now whenever Amelia refers someone she will receive a $200 donation from SolarCity and Ella’s Crew will receive $100 – both of which Amelia can use for Ella’s Crew’s fundraising. In this fashion Amelia has received $400 for two installations that were completed last quarter, and has another $800 worth of referrals coming this spring as projects are installed.

JDRF is now a Solar Ambassador as well! If you are interested in learning how solar will benefit your home, please enter your information into the chapter’s SunRaising page here: Our SolarCity rep James Boynton will be in touch with you and if it turns out to work well for your house, SolarCity will make a $200 donation to JDRF on your behalf upon installation.

If you’d prefer for that donation to go to your team’s campaign direclty, you may also utilize SunRaising for your JDRF fundraising efforts this year. Each referral that you generate for your campaign will create a $200 donation for your team and a $100 donation directly to JDRF!

If you would like further information on getting your team setup for SunRaising, please email