Meet the 2019 Type One Nation Speakers

There is still time to register for the March 2 Type One Nation! Type One Nation is a free, all-day educational summit with learning tracks for T1D adults and parents of children of T1D. The whole family is welcome at Type One Nation because we also provide KidNation,  a free, all-day day camp with learning activities for children ages 4-11.  There’s also TeenNation,  a teen oriented learning track with speakers and topics unique to teenagers.   Register today!

We are delighted to introduce you to some of our Type One Nation speakers:

Keynote Speaker:

Jaime Girlado, Ph.D.

Jaime A. Giraldo, Ph.D., is a scientist in the Research Department at JDRF. He applies his background in biomedical engineering, encapsulation, immunology, stem cell biology and islet transplantation to support JDRF’s work in the Beta Cell Replacement and Artificial Pancreas programs. Dr. Giraldo also works with scientists and clinicians to accelerate the progression of novel technologies and therapies into the clinic.  An expert in the future therapies of T1D, Dr. Giraldo will share exciting new treatments and changes coming to the world of T1D. 




Teen Nation presenter and afternoon Keynote:

Rob Howe

Rob Howe is an advertising executive, podcast host, former professional basketball player and also lives with type 1 diabetes. In 2015, Rob founded Diabetics Doing Things in an effort to raise awareness around the amazing things that those living with T1D are doing around the world. Rob will present during the Teen Nation morning session and speak during the afternoon general session. He will cover how social media and technology make this the best time to live with T1D.  As a social media influencer, world traveler, and former professional athlete, Rob is a powerhouse in the T1D community.


PEAK Presenter:

Dr. Michael Riddell

Dr. Michael Riddell is the PEAK (Performance, Exercise and Knowledge) Course presenter, a course for those interested in an exercise specific curriculum. Dr. Riddell’s team of students and fellows at York University in Toronto is advancing new therapeutic approaches and technologies for people living with diabetes to exhibit better metabolic control with fewer burdens. He is currently helping to develop an “exercise-smart” artificial pancreas for active people living with T1D.