2019 Type One Nation – Rocky Mountain Region

March 2, 2019, Aurora, CO
8:00 am - 3:30 pm


Enjoy a full day of inspirational and educational activities led by national and local experts to help you and your loved ones better manage life with type 1 diabetes (T1D). Network with others and visit our Wellness Area, featuring diabetes devices, resources, and other summit supporters. All those impacted by T1D are welcome to attend.


  • March 02, 2019
    8:00 AM – 9:00 AM Registration, Vendor Fair, TrialNet Screenings, ASK Screening New Family meet-up
    9:00 AM – 9:50 AM Welcome: Laura Rosseisen, Executive Director

    Keynote Presentation: Jaime Giraldo, PhD, JDRF Science, Discovery Research

    10:00 AM – 10:50 AM Breakout Session A

    Nutrition – Keto, Low Carb, Atkins – Oh My!

    Behavioral Changes and Psychosocial Barriers in T1D (families)

    PEAK -Getting Into the Game: Exercise and T1D

    The New Normal

    11:00 AM – 11:50 AM Break Out Session B

    Behavioral Changes in T1D and Psychosocial Barriers (adults)

    JDRF Advocacy and Insulin Pricing Discussion Panel

    PEAK – Fueling for the Game – Nutrition

    Taking Diabetes to School

    12:00 PM – 1:00 PM Lunch TBD (GF/DF options available), Vendor Fair, TrialNet Screenings, ASK Screenings
    1:15 PM – 2:00 PM Rob Howe – Living in the T1D Renaissance: How Social media and technology make this the best time to live with T1D.

    2:15 PM – 3:00 PM

    Speaker Panel Q& A

    Jaime Giraldo – JDRF Research

    Dr. Michael Riddell – Exercise and T1D

    Rob Howe – Social Media/Community

    8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

    1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

    *** Kids Camp and separate Teen Breakout Sessions available all day with guest speakers and activities.
  • Teen Track Sessions – Schedule of Events
    8:00AM – 9:00AM Registration, Vendor Fair, TrialNet and ASK Screenings, New Family meet-up
    9:00AM – 10:15AM Teen Keynote – Rob Howe
    10:00AM – 11:00AM Ice Breaker Game and Speed Networking
    11:15AM – 12:00PM Your Diabetes Talk Show Hosted by JDRF YLC
    12:00PM – 1:00PM Lunch, Vendor Fair, TrialNet and ASK Screenings
    1:15PM – 2:00PM Round Table Discussions
    2:00PM – 3:30PM Competitions and Local Celebrity Exercise Panel
  • Kids Club Sessions – Schedule of Events

    March 2, 2019

    8:00AM – 9:00AM Registration, Vendor Fair, TrialNet and ASK Screenings, New Family meet-up
    9:00AM – 10:00AM Ice Breakers and Introductions
    10:00AM – 11:00AM Games, Groups and Activities
    11:15AM – 12:00PM Guest Speaker
    12:00PM – 1:00PM Parent Pick up ALL Children for Lunch, Vendor Fair, TrialNet and ASK Screenings
    1:15PM – 3:30PM Afternoon activities and fun
    3:30 ****All Children must be promptly picked up as soon as the last session ends!

    Student to adult ratio is currently 4:1.   Nurses are staffed in the room from 8am-3:30pm.  Low Glucose kits available in Kids Club will be Fruit Snacks and Glucose Tablets. Snack will be provided with and without carbs.

  • Keynote Session: An update on JDRF Research and Mission

    Keynote Presenter: Jaime Giraldo, PhD

    Jaime Giraldo is a Chief Research Scientist with JDRF specializing in some of most exciting areas or science and technology like Artificial Pancreas Systems and Beta Cell encapsulation therapies.   Jaime will lead an exciting discussion talking about JDRF’s laser-focused mission on a cure for T1D. No one knows where the cure will come from but Dr. Giraldo will break down several pathways JDRF has identified as having the most promise for a future without the burden of Type 1 diabetes. 

    The New Normal
    Presenters: Dr. Brigitte Frohnert

    New challenges, new schedule, new food, new “no’s” and lots of heartbreaking “but why not’s?” Dr. Frohnert leads a supportive discussion for parents and caregivers. Whether you’re in the first few years after diagnosis or entering a new life stage with T1D like elementary school or the teen years – this session will help you to understand and cope with the new normal. 

    Psychosocial Barriers to T1D and Encouraging Behavioral Changes – Presenter: Kimberly Driscoll

    This session will be offered in both AM sessions and addresses the common emotional challenges you face with T1D at any stage of living with the disease for parents, caregivers and people diagnosed with T1D. We will discuss common barriers to self-care at all ages and how to make positive behavioral changes without adding additional burden to an already emotionally charged life managing T1D.

     Atkins, Keto, Low-carb – Oh, My!  
    Presenter: Nicole Rubenstein

    Figuring out a diet that fuels our body and keeps us healthy can be a daunting task for anyone. Throw T1D into the mix and things are complicated even more.   With all of the buzz around the benefits of different fad diets for T1D, you should know the facts before embarking on a new way of eating. Learn the benefits, the pitfalls, and everything in between of the different low-carb diets for T1D in this informative talk by Nutrition and Sports expert, Nicole Rubenstein 

    PEAK – Getting into the Game
    Presenter: Dr. Michael Riddell

    Exercise Expert and Professor in the School of Kinesiology & Health Sciences at York University talks about what it takes to get into the game with Type 1 diabetes. Whether you are a first time athlete, weekend warrior or somewhere in between – the PEAK learning track will teach you how to manage type 1 diabetes for yourself or your student athlete and get the most out of physical activity. The curriculum is to provide comprehensive knowledge and support for people with T1D who would like to pursue a fitness-based lifestyle 

    PEAK – Fueling for the Game
    Presenter: Nicole Rubenstein

    How do you fuel a T1D Athlete? When should you eat before or after a workout? What should you eat? How should you adjust your insulin dosing for your activity level? Nutritionist and CDE Nicole Rubenstien answers these questions and more in this Sports Nutrition Talk.

    The Therapist is IN  
    Presenter: Masha Mikulinsky

    New to this year’s Type One Nation is a group of sessions called    “The Therapist is IN”.   Sometimes you just need to talk to someone and this session gives attendees the opportunity to meet with a licensed counselor specializing in diabetes care. These private 20 minute mini-sessions with Masha Mikulinsky, MA, LPC will be available throughout the day. Attendees can sign up ahead of time or select a time slot the day of.

    Insulin Pricing and What JDRF is Doing About It  
    Presenter: Gail Devore, Rep. Dylan Roberts, Caitlin Westerson – Moderator Bill Clayton

    At JDRF, our core mission is advancing science to cure, prevent and treat type 1 diabetes (T1D). Just as important is our work fighting for the needs of the T1D community. This, of course, includes access to insulin, and we do more than send letters to drug makers, health insurers, and policymakers asking they ensure that insulin is affordable for everyone. We’re taking action and you can too.   Join this informative panel discussion with JDRF Board Member and Diabetes Advocate Gail DeVore, State Representative Dylan Roberts, and Caitlin Westerson from Colorado Consumer’s Health Initiative.

     Living in the T1D Renaissance – Afternoon Keynote Session    
    Presenter: Rob Howe Founder, Diabetics Doing Things

    Living in the T1D Renaissance: How Social Media & Technology make this the best time to live with T1D

    We’re living at the intersection of Diabetes Technology & Social Media connectivity, which make today the best time to live with Diabetes (if there is such a thing). Rob talks about the clinical & psychosocial outcomes of being involved with the Diabetes Online Community, from sharing blood sugars, to Diabetes hacks and making friends with T1Ds across the world.



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University of Colorado Health Sciences Center - Education 2 South Building

The event is open to anyone impacted by T1D. Children ages 3-11 are invited to enjoy a fun-filled day at KidNation, which features arts and crafts, special guest presentations, and diabetes education activities.  For our audience ages 12-17, our Teen Nation full-day program will be offered.  Siblings welcome in all sessions.

Any questions, please contact Kelli Raleigh, Community Outreach Manager, at kraleigh@jdrf.orgor (303) 209-7719.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I park for the event?
The Education II North and South Buildings are located behind Children’s Hospital on the Anschutz Medical Campus.   the Kiowa Parking lot and Julesburg Parking lot will be available for Type One Nation attendees. To See a Campus map, click here.

Please DO NOT Parking in the Barbara Davis Center Lot for these event.   You can enter the campus the same way you would for the Barbara Davis center, however instead of turning left on 17th from Aurora Court to the Barbara Davis Center, you will turn right onto 17th Avenue and the Kiowa parking lot is located just after the second roundabout on your left hand side.

What should I bring to the event?
Bring your diabetes supplies, and wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Attire is casual.

Will tickets be sent to me?
No. You will check in at registration by your last name.

Is there a room rate?
Please contact Kelli Raleigh at kraleigh@jdrf.org for more information on lodging options.

Can I update my registration information?
Yes, you may update your registration information. Please contact Kelli Raleigh at kraleigh@jdrf.org to make changes. We will do our best to accommodate changes if space allows.

13121 East 17th Place
Aurora, CO 80045

More Info

Join individuals, families, and caregivers affected by type 1 diabetes (T1D) at all life stages for a day of education and community at the annual TypeOneNation Summit.  Talk to experts about research advances, meet with other attendees to exchange ideas, and participate in discussions important to you.

In addition to allowing you to connect and learn from others in the T1D community from all over Colorado and Wyoming, the summit will also have a Teen Specific learning track (ages 12-18) as well as a Children’s Program for children ages 4-11.  We will provide a networking lunch in conjunction with a vendor fair where you’ll be able to see and test the latest in diabetes management products.

For more information and to register, please contact Kelli Raleigh at 303-209-7718 or kraleigh@jdrf.org.

Event Contact

Kelli Raleigh, JDRF Outreach Manager
303-209-7719 | kraleigh @ jdrf.org

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