Meet our newest Rufus, the Bear with Diabetes

Rufus, the Bear with Diabetes® has provided comfort and companionship to newly diagnosed children with T1D for 25 years.  He has helped tens of thousands of kids (and parents) be brave as they learn a world of finger pricks and shots.

Rufus through the Years

Just as diabetes technology has evolved and improved, so has our favorite furry friend!  JDRF is proud to introduce a Rufus who can comfort and teach in a whole new way!  Thanks to the JDRF–Beyond Type 1 Alliance and our partnership with Sproutel, Rufus, the Bear with Diabetes has some exciting new features, and even his own app!

Your favorite furry friend makes learning about T1D fun!

Rufus now has special patches to interact with a new, free mobile companion app that can open up a new world of learning and playing for you and your child with diabetes! By helping Rufus manage his diabetes, children gain hands-on practice with counting carbs, monitoring blood sugar, and dosing with insulin using virtual diabetes care tools.    

The app is available on the
Apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon’s App Store.    

Rufus now has a virtual diabetes toolkit!


You can help Rufus check his blood sugar by following the steps of lancing his finger and adding a test strip to the glucometer! When his blood sugar goes high or low, Rufus speaks their symptoms, encouraging kids to recognize how they feel.

Insulin pen and pump

Use the virtual insulin pen or pump to dose insulin. Learn about injection site rotation by using the injection sites on Rufus’ arms, legs, belly, and buttom.


Attach the sensor sticker to one of Rufus’ patches and monitor his blood sugar in real-time as you play!  Watch as the CGM shows Rufus’ blood sugar changing after you feed him, or dose insulin. 

There’s so much to do in Rufus’ World!

Help Rufus Make Healthy Choices in his Kitchen!

Feed Rufus a healthy diet to help him feel his best. Or give him junk food—it’s all about choices! Kids learn about the impact that carbs have on blood sugar, and learn carb counts for basic foods in Rufus’ virtual kitchen.

Stories and Tasks

Follow along with Rufus on his journey to train for the All Star Games! All 21 interactive story books are paired with care tasks to reinforce important diabetes lessons. Our curriculum is co-designed with doctors, educators, and families to create educational content that kids love.

Not Just for the New Rufus!

Use the learning tools in the app with your “Classic Rufus” or any favorite stuffed animal!

While the new Rufus has patches that open up an augmented reality play experience, that’s not the only way that you can learn and play with the tools in the app!  Kids can use the app with any stuffed friend, including the original Rufus, to role-play blood sugar checks, insulin dosing and feeding their Rufus healthy snacks, and work through the storybooks to learn all about T1D!

Newly Diagnosed?

Request a Bag of Hope today!

The JDRF Bag of Hope is filled with useful resources for both the child who has been diagnosed with T1D and his or her caregivers. Along with educational materials, we’ve included a special friend — Rufus, the Bear with Diabetes® — to show your child he or she is not alone while learning to take shots and test blood sugar.

Already a T1D All Star? 

New Rufus is Available for Purchase!

JDRF, through the generous support of our community and corporate partners, provides Rufus the Bear With Diabetes free of charge in every Bag of Hope given to newly diagnosed children with T1D. But we recognize that some parents and children who have already received our classic furry friend may want to add a new Rufus to their family! We have limited numbers available for purchase on the JDRF Store.

Travel with an old friend to a whole new world!

We are very proud to expand Rufus’ World with the JDRF-Beyond Type 1 Alliance and our partnership with Sproutel.

For 10 years, Sproutel has worked closely with the T1D community to help improve the lives of newly diagnosed children, focused on bringing comfort and joy through interactive play with Jerry the Bear. Together, we are now bringing our worlds together, for expanded interactivity, education, and play!


Find more information about our allies at JDRF here. Presented by
the JDRF-Beyond Type 1 Alliance

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