Team El Nino – Counting Carbs in Holland

Well, we’ve been living in Holland for over a week now and what an adventure it’s been so far! Biking, walking, learning new things at every turn.

Let me get straight into one of the biggest challenges we’ve faced the first few days living in Europe. Carb counting! After two years of living with Carson’s T1D, I felt like an expert in carb counting/measuring for boluses. But suddenly we are dealing with nutrition labels that are entirely different than at home. Carbohydrates are still measured in grams, thank goodness, but these labels are mystifying! Not only are they in Dutch (at least koolhydtraten is fairly obvious), but often portions are measured per 100 kg, regardless of serving size. For example, say I have a bag of chips that weighs a total of 65 g. The label tells me that per 100 kg there are 28 carbs. But that’s not per serving size, or per entire container, it’s only for 100 kg! So in addition to the math we already had to do, we now have to figure out: If 100 kg has 28 carbs and this bag is 65 kg, how many carbs are in the entire bag? Now we’re doing percentages too?! And I thought there was a lot of math in diabetes before! My poor brain!



Dove Braunstein is Carson’s mom and Team Captain of Team El Niño, winner of the JDRF 2017 Top Gun Trophy as #1 San Diego Walk Team with over $62,000 raised for T1D Research. Dove, her husband Blake and their son Carson have left the friendly confines of San Diego to live for a year in Europe and she will be sharing their adventures and challenges of managing T1D in their new home country of Holland.