JDRF Rides in October & November


October and November will bring us three more JDRF Rides with participants from our chapter attending in Amelia Island, FL, Death Valley, CA and Santa Fe, NM.

Collectively, these 37 riders have raised nearly $120,000 for T1D research! Thank you for your incredible efforts!





Amelia Island Riders

Barbara Bodner
Michael Crowley (Coach)
Chris Fish
Kristin Fish
Jamie Geschke
Karen Geschke
Lyndsay Gregerson
Deborah Hall
Madison Hall
John Heinrich
Lori Heinrich
Abigael Hutchinson
Donna Liesch
Jaden Liesch
Sawyer Liesch
Scott Liesch (Coach)
Grace Mount
Joshua Mount
Joe Pickart
Maeve Pickart
Victoria Pink (Coach)
Hope Winberg
Russell Winberg

Death Valley Riders

Tom Comiskey
Josh Gehl
Kim Koch
David Leef
Kay Maas
Paul Minor
Kim Palmer Bourne
Victoria Pink (Coach)
Thomas Wilke

Santa Fe Riders

John Bryson
Nan Goulet
John Niebler (Coach)