Build your One Walk team & win Walk day parking passes!

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Now’s the time to start building your team for JDRF One Walk!
Building a large Walk team in which all members are active in fundraising efforts is essential to your team’s success.

Start recruiting today to win 3 parking passes for your team to use on Walk day!
The top 3 teams to have the most registered walkers who have also made a self-donation by Monday, July 8th wins!


Recruit family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc. to join your team and have them self-donate upon registration. Any self-donation above $10 will count towards earning the incentive but a good selling point is that at the $100 mark they will receive an event t-shirt. Click here for customizable templates for e-mail and social media to help recruit!

Incentive Details:
Winning teams will be based on the criteria of most number of walkers registered who have also made a self-donation. Must be a self-donation, minimum of $10 to qualify. The top 3 (three) teams will each receive 3 (three) parking passes to utilize on Walk day. Must have the parking pass upon arrival for entrance; no exceptions.

If you need ideas to help get the message out or in using the JDRF Participant Center or JDRF App please reach out to  Erin at 414.203.5531.