Good Luck La Crosse Riders!

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We’d like to give a special shout out to our Southeastern Wisconsin Ride Team who will be participating in upcoming JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes in La Crosse this weekend!

A group of 65 riders and 4 coaches will be representing our chapter at the Ride to Cure Diabetes in La Crosse on Saturday, August 10th (see below for names). They have been training hard and have raised nearly $225,000 so far for T1D research and the overall event is expected to raise over $2,000,000!

Thank you for all of your hard work and support of JDRF and good luck on the ride!

La Crosse Participants:

Riders: Brenda Accola, Isaac Accola, Kimberly Amann, Harrison Bach, Jordan Bach, Ella Bindl, Kent Bindl, Bridget Boyle, Walter Don Burrows, Joey Cain, Tom Comiskey, Heidi Detra, Daniel Francis, Jack Gentine, Louie Gentine, Peter Ginn, Garrick Goold, Heidi Goold, Alison Gruen, Catherine Gruen, Emily Gruen, Danielle Grulke, Kathy Hamel, Carlo Hansen, Richard Hansen, Barbara Hetzel, Blake Hill, Brian Jablonowski, Suzy Jablonowski, Aron Jarr, Jerry Jorgenson, Carol Kallie, Charles Kirby, Mandi Kirby, Kim Koch, David Leef, Beverly Leonard, Donna Liesch, Jaden Liesch, Sawyer Liesch, Kathy Litzau, Nicholas Litzau, Steve Litzau, Kay Maas, Darren Miller, Tricia Moore, Adam Nielsen, Jayme Nielsen, Doug Norton, Scott Pedretti, Mark Rapee, Dewey Schara, Carver Smith, Kiley Smith, Kay Stratton, Joshua Troxel, Erin Vella, Spencer Walters, Abby Ward, Ashton Weber, Stacy Weber, Scott Wendelburg, Hope Winberg, Russell Winberg

Coaches: Michael Crowley, Scott Liesch, John Niebler, Victoria Pink