Good luck Amelia Island & Death Valley Riders!

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We’d like to give a special shout out to our Southeastern Wisconsin Ride Team who will be participating in upcoming JDRF Ride sites in October!

3 riders will be representing our chapter at the Ride in Amelia Island, FL  on Saturday, October 5th and 13 riders and 2 coaches at the Death Valley, CA Ride on Saturday, October 19th (see below for names). They have been training hard & have raised nearly $90,000 so far for T1D research.

Thank you for all of your hard work and support of JDRF and good luck on the ride!

Amelia Island Participants: Amy Cain, Mark Cain and Lindsey Mischka

Death Valley Participants: Barbara Bodner, David Bourne, Chris Fish, Kristin Fish, Karen Geschke, Jamie Geschke, John Heinrich, Lori Heinrich, David Leef, Corinne Merten, Kim Palmer Bourne, Doug Pulvermacher, Tom Wilke

Coaches: Scott Liesch, John Niebler