Why I Walk – Zebadiah’s DiaTribe


The JDRF One Walk is a fun, family friendly event where dedicated walkers, volunteers and sponsors raise money to support type one diabetes research. It is the largest gathering of our T1D community and provides an opportunity to connect with other families facing the same reality.

The 2020 JDRF One Walk Milwaukee will take place on Saturday, October 3 at Greenfield Park in West Allis. Participating in Walk is one of the most meaningful ways that the T1D community comes together to make a difference… we invite you to form a team in support of JDRF!

Here we meet the Ziebell family who had their first Walk team in 2019!

JDRF: What prompted your family to form a team for the One Walk?

Stephanie Ziebell: In general, we believe community involvement is important, so an event like this is something we enjoy being a part of. In addition, as a family that is personally affected by type one diabetes, we understand the importance of having a community that understands the challenges we face. Getting involved in the Walk allowed us to connect with other families and to connect more closely with JDRF as a whole. It also was a great opportunity to demonstrate to our type 1 child that he shouldn’t try to manage this disease alone. We are all in this together and we are blessed to have such an amazing support network so close by.


JDRF: What was the best part of your One Walk day experience? Stephanie Ziebell: Seeing our family and friends come together in support of the cause. It’s so encouraging to know that the battle is fought in numbers.

JDRF: Do you have a favorite memory from the Walk? Seeing my son’s Mile of Hope sign was very exciting, and Bucky Badger coming around to take pictures. 

JDRF: Is there anything else you’d want to be sure new families know about the Walk?

Stephanie Ziebell: You don’t have to participate in the Walk in any particular manner. Our first year of diagnosis, the only person who attended the Walk with our immediate family was my son’s grandfather. The second year, we registered and had a team of over 30. Both experiences were amazing in their own way. 



We invite you to join us as we bring our T1D community together for an inspiring day of connecting & celebrating our fundraising success as we continue to drive our mission for a cure forward!

For more information, please contact Andrea Urban at aurban@jdrf.org or 414.203.5529.