Why We Walk – ONE Love

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The JDRF One Walk is a fun, family friendly event where dedicated walkers, volunteers and sponsors raise money to support type one diabetes research. It is the largest gathering of our T1D community and provides an opportunity to connect with other families facing the same reality.

The 2020 JDRF One Walk Milwaukee will take place on Saturday, October 3 at Greenfield Park in West Allis. Participating in Walk is one of the most meaningful ways that the T1D community comes together to make a difference… we invite you to form a team in support of JDRF!

Here we meet the Toldt family who had their first Walk team in 2019!

JDRF: What prompted your family to form a team for the One Walk?

BettyAnn Toldt: T1D is fairly prevalent in our family but with a diagnosis of my toddler- it lit a fire inside me to make sure I do everything I can to help find a cure. I knew I had lots of family and friends (near and far) that wanted to show their support for us and the whole T1 community. Being involved in an organized walk where your daily struggles and successes are understood is has been so helpful in getting through the day to day battles we face.

JDRF: What was the best part of your One Walk day experience?

BettyAnn Toldt: Making the day all about Ben, this was HIS walk and everyone on our team came for him. Watching him smile and feel supported was so amazing.

JDRF: How did you and your child feel the day of the Walk?

BettyAnn Toldt: Leading up to the walk, I was very emotional. Happy, sad, angry, empowered, all of the emotions. We were only 8 months into diagnosis so all of my emotions were still very new and raw.

JDRF: Did anything surprise you about the Walk?

BettyAnn Toldt: We loved that Bucky Badger and Bernie Brewer were there. It was a great feeling knowing the MKE community was supportive of JDRF, plus the kids loved it! The bouncy house/climbing wall was such a great activity for the kids, I know we will be looking forward to that area again.

JDRF: Do you have a favorite memory from the Walk?

BettyAnn Toldt: My favorite memory was finding Ben’s Mile of Hope sign on the walk, he was SO proud to stand next to it and take his picture. It felt great to be recognized.

JDRF: Are you looking forward to this year’s One Walk?

BettyAnn Toldt: YES. It is a great time to celebrate all you have been through and make it a special day for the t1 kids. I am excited to fundraise, raise awareness and celebrate Ben.

JDRF: Is there anything else you’d want to be sure new families know about the Walk?

BettyAnn Toldt: Although the decision to attend the walk was easy, I wasn’t sure what to expect, or if I would have a difficult time being there. I was (still am) very emotional about the diagnosis and I struggle to see any positivity with it. The day to day managing of a T1 toddler is very demanding and draining. The walk helped our family feel supported and not alone. It helped give Ben a special day to be encouraged for his future. I loved celebrating him and all he has been through.

We invite you to join us as we bring our T1D community together for an inspiring day of connecting & celebrating our fundraising success as we continue to drive our mission for a cure forward!

For more information, please contact Andrea Urban at aurban@jdrf.org or 414.203.5529.