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    JDRF and ExpressionMed have partnered together for National Diabetes Awareness Month (NDAM) to spread awareness of type 1 diabetes. Outfit your device with a JDRF-themed ExpressionMed tape, or wear a tape in support of someone you love living with T1D. Purchase your tape here, https://bit.ly/jdrfxem and 100% of the proceeds will benefit JDRF!


    Join us in spreading awareness for T1D by:

    • Snap a selfie while wearing your JDRF-themed tape and share it on social media with the hashtags #Forwardas1 and #NDAM.
    • Ask friends, family and caregivers to purchase the tape and wear it during NDAM to show their support. Have them share who they are supporting on social media using the hashtag #Forwardas1.
    • Challenge supporters to “change their CGM site” and shift the location of their supporter tape every 10 days in support of the continuous and careful preparation that the T1D community must consider in managing this disease.
    • Use #Forwardas1 and #ForT1Dawareness to demonstrate the ups and downs of T1D and what your daily reality is like.
    • Show WHO you’re supporting during NDAM and share your loved one’s story on social media using #Forwardas1 and #For[insert name of your loved one with T1D]
    • Joining the #10DayForT1D challenge Discord.


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