Social Media Ideas

In addition to sharing general awareness and education about JDRF and type 1 diabetes on your social media platforms using the images and resources found on your Corporate Partner Portal, these channels offer a great opportunity for genuine storytelling and engagement with your audience. Consider a few creative ideas on your social media channels to support your campaign, such as:

  • Social Media Takeover: your local JDRF Chapter can provide a social media savvy person living with type 1 diabetes to do a “takeover” of your social media channels for a day, or provide “day in the life” content for your campaign  

  • User Generated Content: Create a hashtag for your campaign or use JDRF’s existing #T1DShoppingSpree or #T1DSneakerSpree (if you are doing a JDRF Paper Sneaker Sale) to prompt your community to share a selfie of themselves tagged with your store. Or prompt your community to share their own type 1 diabetes stories and what it means to them that your company is supporting JDRF.

  • Facebook or Instagram Fundraising: If it makes sense for your brand – or separate from your campaign and during National Diabetes Awareness Month (November, every year) – run a fundraising campaign for JDRF through your Facebook fan page or your Instagram stories. As of 2018, all Facebook Fan pages are able to fundraise for verified non-profits.

  • Host a Facebook Live with a T1D Influencer: JDRF can help you identify a media-trained influencer living with type 1 diabetes to co-host a Facebook Live with your brand, promoting a product or service in conjunction with talking about the campaign, type 1 diabetes, and JDRF. This puts a human face on the campaign and allows your community to ask questions in real time to someone impacted by T1D.

No matter how much or little you would like to use social media to help support your campaign, the JDRF marketing & communications team would love to meet with and support your company’s marketing and/or social media team to help create a plan that works for you. Instances where we co-create a campaign perform best. Reach out to your JDRF account manager to learn more.

JDRF Social Media Channels