Buying or Selling your Home? Now you can Fund T1D Research at the same time!


You can support T1D research when you purchase or sell your home! Real estate agent Robert Sizer and AARE also have a great give back program for the JDRF community called the AARE Generous Giving Program.

Robert, a San Diego native, first became more aware of challenges of T1D when he recently helped a JDRF family purchase their home. Through the process of providing excellent customer service, he learned about the full impact of T1D. After this experience, he quickly became involved by attending the JDRF ONE Walk Corporate Breakfast where he learned more about T1D from a number of JDRF speakers including a local long time JDRF family in Coronado. Robert helped JDRF connect with AARE and its Generous Giving Program so you can now support T1D research while buying or selling your home with the professional help of Robert and AARE. You can reach Robert by email at or by cell phone at 760-519-8436.

To learn more about how the AARE Generous Giving Program works, Click on the link below.